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Little by little I will forget how I feel for you and soon be truly happy to know that you found the love your deserve..

You only THINK you cant live without it . Once you let that shit go you slowly realize just how much better off you are without it . I loved my Job , and those I worked with but The amount of Stress , worry , frustration and anxiety is not worth my happiness . I made a chose to leave , I knew I wanted better , feel free , not burdened by everyone elses faults , issues or worries . It feels so good to just be free of all that and living happy .

I simply want to be the best version of for me. Living on my true life's path. Better times are coming. Just believe.

TOUGH TIMES have made me wonder when i'll have my happy ever after or if it will even happen. But I realised that I'm 100% responsible for my happiness and how I feel and behave in the face of adversity or things not working out. Who have I been and what thoughts have I had? Our true intentions always belie our words. So so happy that we start back with @clondonaikido today after a long summer break as I've missed the practise and training my mind to see other's point of view. Keep…

Life is all about seeing him smile and hearing him laugh. My bonus round is when I make him laugh and smile. Best part is that our life outside of the working word is always textile free so smiles and laughter during those times is pure beauty. Life is grand and oh so fab. I love that it's real and off the cuff, messy at times and we don't want no damn fake silly fairy tale. How stupid and boring. Love is all about understanding that you will have bumps in the road, that it's never…

OLYMPIA A1100164 What’s black and white and adorable all over? Olympia!!! OK, so that’s not quite how that old silly joke goes, but it works for Miss Olympia. She’s a little peanut, shy but friendly, happy to be out for a walk to go potty. She meets new people with a little tail wag, and everyone wants to meet her because she’s so darned cute!!