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I'd have to do research to see how long this would "last", but I think if I were to do a tattoo, this might be something I'd consider: light ink!

White Ink Sleeve - the first time a white ink tattoo has really grabbed my attention or made me desire one!

white ink tattoo -- if I ever GET a tattoo... it may just be white ink. Dad, does that make it any better?

If I were ever to get a tattoo, I would want it to be white ink. I kinda like how it looks like a scar ... and I have plenty of those.

White ink. This is really interesting. Wonder how white ink shows up on a pale person like me?

White ink tattoo on my right wrist, it says, “Can you feel my heart in the palm of your hand?” The lyric is from the song Abigail, Belle of Kilronan by the Magnetic Fields. I love white ink and decided to get this even though I was told it might not last.

Darling, would probably get this on thigh instead though, or wrapping around my torso from my back to the front of my lower hip.

LOVE the white ink tattoos! ..too bad mom & bf hate them!

White Ink Tattoo. I would love to do this! I think its cool.

white ink bird tattoo... why would somone get a tattoo on their side boob? But I love the design of the bird ...... Looks like a dove ..... Which coincidently mate for life ......