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Just ordered this for Fathers Day. I may like it even more than the "Sexy Dads Do Laundry" shirt I got him for Fathers Day a few years ago.

"Love you to pieces"....could be used with many different occasions!

Awesome Father's Day Gift - Walk With Me, Daddy Poem.. Brent did this in Preschool!!

photo gave me an idea: make a DADDY template cover over blank white page and have child color ... remove template and crayon mark makes the word DADDY for fathers day gift

I would dress like this every day if I could get away with it.

polka dot pleated skirt and suspenders

"I see your face's in the clouds that scar the night And I pray to whoever is listening things’ll be all right Then today I wake up feeling easy And find I’m on the more familiar roads I got a darkness wrapped inside me But now it ain’t so hard to let it go." -Radical Face

This is my silent Pinterest prayer that maybe one day I'll be blessed with a daughter. :)

Carlee Brom why do i want to bust out into "little girls" from annie when i see this?