• Megan Ludwig

    Smart Idea that Some mom had..I will definitely do this!! No more trying to remember when I took her in to the doctor, when she started the antibiotics, if she had taken it that morning or not, counting on my fingers to see when she could stop taking it....it was all right there on the bottle! And making those "Xs" every day was very gratifying.

  • R

    Great idea.. I usually write it on a piece of paper by the medicine bottle, but this is so much better.

  • Molly Miligi

    Some moms are just super smart! Gotta remember this! Not just for kids meds!

  • Stephanie Hamilton

    Some moms are just super smart! Gotta remember this! Good idea!!!

  • Leslie Mori

    Pharmacies should get stickers with a dosing check list for antibiotics, so patients remember when they gave each dose. Great Idea!..not just for kids!

  • Nicole Pannone

    Some moms are just super smart! Gotta remember this! great idea...

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