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      22, September: Punctuation Day... ...argues that the correct use of aprostrophes, semicolons and other punctuation is critical if you’re to get your (rather than, say, you’re) message accross. If you’ve spotted any examples of bad punctuation, take Punctuation Day as an opportunity to share them with your friends to promote awareness.

    • Suzan St Maur

      10 top tips to make blog comments that increase your own traffic ... When you comment on a blog post written by someone else, contrary to some people’s opinions it actually does get noticed … by other readers, of course, and also by Google et al. But what do you say? Here are business writer Suzan St Maur's tips on how to avoid writing bad comments that die a death for you, your business, your reputation and more….read on!

    • Gina Fondriest

      "Writing Fiction: Dialogue Tag Basics" by Alythia Brown @The Creative Penny #amwriting #dialogue #fiction

    • Aurora Milano

      These are great tips on dialogue. I'm need to pay attention to these. "Writing Fiction: Dialogue Tag Basics" by Alythia Brown on The Creative Penn

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