Hot air balloon mass assent... I witnessed one in Plano, Texas when I lived there years ago... what a sight to behold.



Hot air balloon

Hot Air Balloons

Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival. | Plano, TX

Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloon



Balloon Ride in Blue

Multnomah Falls, Oregon. The bridge is amazing

Hot air balloons!

Leaving for Plano Texas - this is from Google, but hope to catch their hot air balloon festival.

Plano Balloon Festival | Plano, Texas, USA | Hot air balloons with launch and glow, Friday night street dance, Saturday night fireworks, parachute team exhibition, food, drinks, activities, and more.

I recommend everyone to ride a hot air balloon! It was so much fun!!!

Balloons & Tunes, Grove City, OH (went there last year, and happened to come across this here)

So often the emphasis on hot air balloons is on their colorfulness...but having their silhouettes be the focus makes this unique.


This print shows the French "Le Tricolore" balloon in the colors of the French flag with three passengers, most probably French Aeronaut Jules Duruof, his wife and another man. The print commemorates an ascension of "Le Tricolore" in Paris on June 6, 1874.

hot air balloons