Kuba Komet

Television set

Framed mounted TV.

Predicta! Mid-Century wonderousness!

MCM curved sofa with end table

WOW... Everyone should look at this website. It's in Italian, but is some of the most beautiful lighting and metal work I've ever seen. Truly amazing. http://www.lampadani.it/

This is a vintage mid century modern Ward's Airline Solid State AM/FM/ Phonograph console with AUX jacks. methuselahpalooza



The ultimate in 1950s "Space Age" design ♦ Media centre with television, record player, and radio

The Most Insane Television Sets in History: Philco Tandem Predicta (pictured here)

Atomic era bliss... The Kuba Komet Television & Stereo Console - a mid-century masterpiece.

SUPER DANSETTE vintage retro 1960s Hi-Fi record player on legs

coolest looking TV I've ever seen

Radio, TV, and a record player - it's the Admiral triple thrill! #vintage #1940s #radio #ad #home #decor

Can we install a flat screen in this fabulously vintage TV cabinet?

1958 Television set #MCM

Sanyo Phonosphere record player/disco ball/radio.

Retro Grundig Stereo Console with Record Player to make into a TV Stand

Predicta perfection - I would love this!

Amazing TV, get in my house