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This is so me...lol

note to self: it is illegal to stab people for being stupid.we may need to post this at work.

Keep Pinning ... but getting dizzy! I so know what that's like. #humor #pinterest

Actually, i had an hour and a half surgery today.so dizziness could be meds.but I'm already Pinning from my hospital bed.



Ahahaha! I really shouldn't think that this is that funny..I'm such a horrible person. :P

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Pinstrosity  LOL!!!!!  I love me some PINTEREST  but a lot of the stuff I see pinned, I think....  hummm, maybe NOT such a good idea.  This blog is a riot!!!!

it's bound to happen to me! Great reference site for "pin fails". This isn't a site to just laugh and make fun of projects gone wrong, but to help troubleshoot and learn from mistakes.

Pinterest ... creating an entire population of hoarders.

Guilty of the empty toilet paper rolls, pinned that they could be made into seed starters, but guess what. I bought seed starters instead and the toilet paper rolls are still sitting on a shelf!

I know this could go on our Meme board, but it also applies to recycling, no? ;-) Happy Wednesday!

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so true, you can find my love for sweets, humor, disney, and my nerdy side.