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Coin: 1 Mahbub (Egypt) (1730~1754 - Mahmud I) WCC:km89.1

1997 10 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra

1997 10 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra Coin

The 2013 Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins are one of our favorite investments and collectibles. They combine great features of being genuine legal tender Gold Coins, mintages that are strictly limited, and a design that changes every year. Australian Gold Kangaroos offer the Gold Coin collector both the benefit of Gold price increases and the potential for numismatic appreciation based on collector appeal and rarity.

Thessaly, Pherai. 4th century BC. AR Obol (11mm, 0.83 g, 10h). Rev: ΦEPAI-ΩN above circular, head of a dog r.

Coin: 1½ Altin (Hammered Coinage) (Egypt) (1703~1730 - Ahmed III) WCC:km75

Coin: 1 Mahbub (Initia letter د (Dal)) (Egypt) (1774~1789 - Abdul Hamid I) WCC:km128