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DIED from not forwarding the text message to 10 people (or the email chain letters).

@Alyssa Gentle this totally made me think of you and smile!

probably shouldn't close your eyes either!unless you WANT them to see you eating the banana.funny all I can think of when I hear banana now a days is minions.in anycase.this was freakin funny

My god martyring beyond the grave. I know people that would do this, I avoid those people. LOL.

This was my Halloween costume in elementary school (minus the "bastards"), except the tombstone I had was styrofoam & I got it from Walt Disney World. I was a ghost wearing a green mask & a big white sheet costume holding the tombstone. People loved it.

Please don't

Pls no. Thx.

No Cash, No Hope, No Jobs. We must protect Kevin Bacon! Not so funny if "No Bacon" actually means "No Food".


It's either cold enough for uggs or warm enough for shorts. It cannot be both. AMEN THIS IS NOT CUTE! and tights doesn't make it okay either. you can't wear tights and shorts and uggs. stop it.

This motherly love. | 24 Passive Aggressive Notes That Failed At Being Passive

How I feel all of the time. "I will Cut You" for my beach Girls some Bon Qui Qui

The Horrible Truth of How Peanut Butter  is Made

The Horrible Truth of How Peanut Butter is Really Made

Funny pictures about How peanut butter is made. Oh, and cool pics about How peanut butter is made. Also, How peanut butter is made photos.


A fact of life: After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says WTF . What I'm just sayin


The Godbaby: “Get in the car, now, Gladys!” Gladys: “Whatcha’ gonna do about it?