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Amen ♥ Crazy, Trouble, Nubbers, Girlie, Baby, Kikima, Oreo, Blackie....See you in Heaven over the Rainbow Bridge Mom xoxo In my heart forever RIP and alllll my poor outside kitties that I've loved and lost.....too numerous to list here Annette

: ) It's NEVER too late to fall in LOVE. adopt. adopt. #Cute pet #pet boy #pet girl|


A Man Took a Chance On a Scared Feral Dog, and Transformed Him To A Sweet & Loving Pet!

I love my little Margot!!! Too many similarities here... tears!!! I love my rescued stray furbaby!!!! #cuteness #animallover #feraldog #adoption #dogstory

I post this knowing that those who see it already know they would never do this. Sharing this might make someone change their minds. DO EVERY THING YOU CAN BEFORE MAKING THIS DECISION. PLEASE.. YOU DOG WILL MOST LIKELY DIE IF YOU DO.


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Elderbulls are just the best!! Don't shy away from adopting an older dog... they just know that much more about loving you. I love my sugar faces!! ♥

From up Northfrom From up North

Think worthy advertising

Adopt, don't shop!

.If you don't have a board up for Adoptable Pets--please post one and re-pinn adoptable pets there. You don't have to be a rescue person to rescue, just an animal lover!! The only way we can save their lives is to get people who are looking for them is to SEE THEM, please HELP give them visibility! They can't shout I'm here, please adopt me--we need to do it for them ♥ !

In memory of all the innocent animals abused and killed each day. Here's to hope for a better world for all creatures one day :***(( #animal #pet #companion #rescue #dog #cat #homelessness #shelter #adoptions