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I love Fail Whale jokes #twitter

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We're all too familiar with the #twitter #FailWhale! #SocialMediaHumor

#SocialMedia #Cartoon #twitter Fail Whale

#failwhale #comic #socialmedia

twitter pirate boat



I hate birds. This could actually have been a picture of me with my pet budgie. Why did I ask for a budgie?!?

My sister had 2 parakeets and I remember my little cousin doing thus face when we put the bird on her head lol

HAHAHAHA - My sister hates birds. Now it's her new contact picture....Mwahaha

Damn right....that's my face everytime.... I HATE BIRDS!

This picture activated some crazy giggles.

ahhhh so true! I HATE birds!

I hate birds... funny-stuff

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Funny pictures of memes, rage comics, animals, like a boss, cats, fails and much more.

Social Media Humour

As a professional blogger, I can totally relate to this picture. #funny #funny pictures #funny pics #funny memes #humor #cartoons #blog #blogging #blogger #health

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ironic humor Hilarious Cartoon Joke LOL!!

Funny blogger #bloggerlife cartoon comic

Blog, blogger life, funny comic

var icx_publication_id = 18129; var icx_content_id = 2703; .icx-toolbar{padding: 0 0 5px 0;} .icx-toolbar-align-right{float: right;} .icx-tool-wrapper{left: -98px;} If you enjoyed this, check out our Hilarious Funnies Gallery (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); var icx_publication_id = 18129; var icx_copyright_notice = 'Copyright 2013 Best Funny Jokes and Hilarious Pics 4U'; var icx_content_id = '2703'; Click here for reuse options! Check out These Other MUST SEE Collections of Funny Jokes and Cartoons--They will make you cry they are so funny!   Funny Dog Pics Funny GIFs Funny Signs Hilarious Picture Quote – LMAO! Dieting Humor Funny Cartoon Pics Funny Cat Pics Funny Christmas Cartoons Short Funny Quotes Engineering Fails Hilarious Animated Sports Hilarious Adult Humor if(typeof adsbygoogle !== "undefined") { window.addEventListener('load', function() { if(typeof ga !== "undefined") { if(typeof adsbygoogle.loaded === "undefined") { ga('send', 'event', 'AdSense', 'Ads blocked', { "nonInteraction": 1 }); } else { ga('send', 'event', 'AdSense', 'Ads not blocked', { "nonInteraction": 1 }); } } }, false); }


15 - IT'S SOCIAL MEDIA TIME.. So, let's rock all the pieces that make it funny, scary, amusing, interesting, challenging, boring, aggravating, and beyond. How many times do we have to send Tweety Bird on her way??? Illustration by gemma correll.

There are some things you shouldn't need #Twitter followers' advice for... #social

Let me consult with my Twitter followers before I decide.

Cat's consulting their #Twitter Followers by @Gemma Correll

Beef or chicken? #SocialMedia #Humour

Who does this? #socialmedia #humor

#Social #Media #Funnies

#twitter #socialmedia

twitter cats


"But on Twitter I'm hilarious" #geeks

I swear I'm funny...on Twitter...

dating relationship comics (13)

Fun collection of dating and relationship comics (22 items)


"Chow Hon Lam faz um pouco de crítica à cultura popular. De entre os seus trabalhos destacam-se avestruzes a quererem voar, pacotes de leite a falarem com as suas mães, polvos disfarçados e monstros de patins..."

How cute is this little guy? - The Priceless and Hilarious Illustrations of Chow Hon Lam

'Public Toilet' Funny Bird in Tree w/ Toilet Paper Roll 18x18 - Vinyl Print Poster

clever, cool, creative, Funny, Illustration, Inspiration, t-shirt, design, art,

The Priceless and Hilarious Illustrations of Chow Hon Lam. Cute and funny art

Bird by Chow Hon Lam #illustrations #cute

Too funny | Chow Hon Lam

a birds toilet

Birds poop

Social Media Humour

༻❁༺ ❤️ ༻❁༺ Our Connected World | Man: "Where Have You Been?! No E-Mail. You Didn't Text Me. Not A Clue On Your Blog. You Didn't Update Your Status On Facebook. It's Like You Fell Off The Face Of The Earth!" | Woman: "Did You Not Check Twitter?" | Man: "Oops Sorry...."Upstairs. Going To The Bathroom. Be Back In 5." ༻❁༺ ❤️ ༻❁༺

En estos tiempos nuestra interacción con otras personas está íntimamente relacionada con el uso y manejo de las redes sociales.

Funny picture who show us how people can be dependent of social media...

Un poco exagerado... ¡o NO! ¿Adictos a las redes sociales? Quizás...

¿Hasta que punto podemos llegar a depender de las redes sociales?

Impacto de las redes sociales en los jóvenes - Buscar con Google

social media--redes sociales-- lesson for AP spanish/Spanish IV

Girlfriend Boyfriend Relationships Nowadays

La Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I abre este mediodía un debate titulado "Las nuevas redes sociales. Nuevas formas de comportamiento". En los últimos años, la irrupción de las redes sociales ha supuesto un cambio radical en las relaciones personales y profesionales, pero viene acompañado de ventajas e inconvenientes. Hablamos en Radio 5 con Manuel Vázquez, comisario jefe de la Brigada de Investigación Tecnológica de la Policía Nacional, sobre los peligros que trae consigo esta nueva realidad social  A la carta > Radio > Radio 5 > Asunto del día en R5 > Asunto del día en R5 - Redes sociales: los peligros de la tecnología


Twitter Social Media Accountsoutlook Great Resource!

Wow - this describes my sunday afternoons to a T! #Twitter #coffee #mac #cat

I <3 Twitter. Just as much as Facebook.

Cats & Twitter

Social Media Humour

Blogging Humor. BBG&G Advertising manages social media, and content marketing campaigns for numerous companies around the country.

Einen Blog zu haben ersetzt keine normale Kommunikation. Mehr zum Thema Social Media findest du auf #socialmediafun #socialmediahoch10

Blogging Humo ==== Visit for more funny quotes. #funny #humor

Blogging Humor "What do you mean how was my day? Don't you read my blog?" true. i yell at my hubbs when he doesn't read mine.

So true!

Just a little blogging humor we found...

Blog funny

so true!

Etsyfrom Etsy

Twitter Propaganda Poster version 2


* Social Media Propaganda Posters by Aaron Wood * Es un diseñador gráfico radicado en Massachusetts, que realizó una serie de carteles, referidos a redes sociales y tecnología en general, como si hubieran salido a la calle 70 años atrás.

Social Media Propaganda Posters by Aaron Wood in art Category

Social Media Propaganda by Aaron Wood , graphic poster design

cool propaganda style social media posters from Aaron Wood

Social Media Propaganda Posters. Twitter Fail Whale.

Aaron Wood's social media propaganda posters

Work less, tweet more! Do your part, Like it on Facebook. Even if social media propaganda posters existed today, we wouldn't need them -- they're already etched into our heads. We habitually share thoughts and images on social networks without being asked to; sometimes, excessively.

Social Media Propaganda Posters by Aaron Wood

Aaron Wood has designed an amazing collection of Social Media Propaganda Posters, (twitter, facebook, google+ and youtube). You can find them at his Etsy store along with his other Propaganda Posters for Android, Angle Birds and Apple. Enjoy! Comments comments


Mad Men Twitter Ad ~ tongue-in-cheek ads for social media ~ Agency Logic @Sherry McIntyre Chiles #socialmedia

#Retro #ad #campaigns for #socialnetworks. #Skype #Facebook #Youtube #twitter #socialmedia

Retro Twitter Ads To Promote Social Networking

Social Media Vintage Ads: Twitter

Vintage posters for Social Media

#VintageAd #Twitter

Social Media Vintage Poster art if they existed in the 20th Century. High-Res Retro Posters for printing.

I may have been living under a rock (or quite simply shut inside my project house), but I spotted these retro-looking Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter ads the other day and had to share.  How clever and super neat-o (trying to sound fifties) are these? Sao Paulo ad agency Moma Propaganda created a series of retro ads …

Social Media Vintage Ads For Twitter, Facebook, Skype & YouTube A La Don Draper

use to twitter @

How To Generate Free Traffic For Your Website | Turnkey ... Turnkey Commissions, Check out this article for more information about the strategies. Keywords are type in getting targeting traffic to your web site. Turnkey

How To Increase Click Through Rate on Twitter -- CLICK THIS if you want more clicks on your Twitter links. Great social media infographic.

¿Cómo aumentar las visitas usando Twitter? infografía (pinned by @lovile) - facebook marketing infographic #facebookmarketinginfographic

CLICK THIS if you want more clicks on your Twitter links. Great social media infographic. #twitter #infographics

10 free ways to get more visitors to your web site - Do you want free traffic to your website? Are there any other sources besides Google that can bring visitors to a web site?These 10 methods show you how.

How to Get More Clicks on Twitter [infographic] handy simple tips on posting - use more verbs, tweet later in the day etc

Comment obtenir plus de clics sur #Twitter ?

Cómo obtener más clicks en Twitter

How to Get More Clicks On Twitter |  clicks,  twitter,  website traffic, CTR, improve, infographic, social networking sites, study, tweets | Social Media

Social Media Humour

Mua điện thoại trả góp iPhone 6 với lãi suất thấp nhất - Tiến Phát Computer

Cung cấp máy ghi âm chuyên nghiệp hiệu Sony - JXD - Tiến Phát Computer

Thời đại công nghệ này sẽ đến nhanh thôi... :3

Thời đại này sẽ đến sớm thôi... :D

Mashable @ #socialhumour

Seeing as you can already add your fetus to Facebook, this is probably foregone conclusion. Mashable Comics are illustrated every week by Kiersten Essenpreis, a New York-based a...

HOW TO: Parent a Digital Native [COMIC]

The Price of Internet Fame [COMIC]


Twitter 2012 Statistics | By: Infographic Labs 2012, via JeffBullas (#socialmedia #twitter #infographic)

Twitter 2012 Infographic. Yes.. yet another Twitter infographic. This one is useful though.

#twitter infographic 2012 Twitter Statistics

Statistics on Twitter. 175 million tweets a day Twitter 2012 Infographic

The growing popularity of #Twitter. #marketing #infographic

Twitter 2012 #infographic by Infographic Labs

Social Media Infographic Twitter 2012

Twitter 2012 Info-graphic

What Is The State Of Twitter In 2012? #infographic By Infographic Labs via Brian Solis I look 4Ward to your feedback. Keep Digging for Worms! Guest post by Brianne Boysen Author: Bill - Dr. William J. Ward, a.k.a DR4WARD is the Professor of Social Media at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He is ranked one of the "Top Marketing Professors on Twitter" in the world by Social Media Marketing Magazine for providing useful content and consistently engaging with followers and truly "getting it" when it comes to the best ways to use Twitter and other forms of Social Media. He earned his Ph.D. in Media and Information Studies at Michigan State University and teaches internationally....


Twitter. The World in 140 Characters #twitter #infographics via - Voices from Russia

Twitter: The World in 140 Characters | INFOgraphics | RIA Novosti

The World in 140 Characters - #socialmedia #twitter #infographics

The World in 140 Characters #Twitter #infographic

A very nicely designed Twitter infographic.

140 caracteres que cambiaron el mundo #infografia #infographic #socialmedia

140 caracteres que cambiaron el mundo #infografia #infographic #socialmedia | Educación a Distancia y TIC

Cómo puedes poner a trabajar a Pinterest #infografia #infographic #socialmedia... | Socialmedia Network


Alan Fletcher - extremely iconic. Good composition and use of negative space with a bold coloured background. Quote from Dadaist John Cage.

Alan Fletcher: Fifty years of graphic work (and play) // #LearnEvolve > #ToGrowingMinds > #Media > #Creative > #AlanFletcher

Iconic Graphic Designer Alan Fletcher - Good composition and use of negative space with a bold coloured background.(inspiration)

Alan Fletcher. The quote is John Cage: "I have nothing to say and I'm saying it and that is poetry as I need it"

Alan Fletcher (a major figure the the history of poster design) "I have nothing to say and I'm saying it"#graphic #poster #design #yellow

Alan Fletcher # 01 I would like to use his quote from here into my book cover.

I Have Nothing to Say And Im Saying It poster designed by Alan Fletcher.

I have nothing to say and I'm saying it. #Alan Fletcher #GraphicDesign

Alan Fletcher Poster John Cage words


The Who, Why and How of #Twitter - #infographic --------------------------------------------------------- Let's Engage more on Twitter: @navidooo | Let's Connect on LinkedIn:

The Who, Why And How of Twitter [Infographic] #twitter #infographic #socialmedia #getusocial

Twitter Marketing Tips & Ideas: #Demographics of #Twitter #Infographic

6 Social Media Networks to Watch in 2012 | Twitter #infographic

The who, why and how of @Twitter #infographic #socialmedia

#twitter , #socialmedia , #infographic

Infographic on Twitter Users

Twitter-Info graphics

Nice Portfolilo | Capitol Couture The Next Web Twitter Infographic Flat web design #flatuidesign #flatdesign #flatwebsitedesign FREE! Daily, Web Design News for Everyone! 2,700+ Happy Designers :) #webdesign #uidesign #design #graphic #ui #userinterface #user #interface #apps #ios #websites #icons 15 Most Creative Contact Us Pages on Web | Professional Dubai Web Design Blog by Insight Soft in UAE

How to Use Twitter@

#twitter #infographic Twitter Marketing Infographic

Twitter Marketing Infographic -

Seriously killer explanation of the "how to" of #twitter #infographic Twitter Marketing Infographic

Good #twitter #infographic for clients learning to use Twitter - Twitter Marketing Infographic

Twitter Marketing. How to Twitter. #social #media #infographic #pinterestmarketing

#twitter #infographic Twitter Marketing Infographic - How to twitter

Twitter Marketing. How to Twitter. #social #media #infographic

how to twitter infographic How to Twitter (101)

Twitter basics #socialmedia #infographic


This is a very funny picture that shows how much people spent time online and post everything they do on it, which could be dangerous because people could know where you are and what you do and stalk you or something like that which could be dangerous.

Wanna Talk Social Media and have your questions answered?!/groups/121323304547840/

Twitter is something that I use everyday! I try my best to only tweet really awesome or neat things that happen! But I also believe people become too attached to social media. But then again I'd loose hours of entertainment if they weren't tweeting . . . .

Tweeting's all well and good, but what are you actually DOING with your life? #Twitter #SocialMedia

#Twitter #SocialMedia #Humour

Social Media Cartoon Humor

#Twitter #Humor

Random Funny Pics

Geeky Stuffs: 25 Social Media Jokes and Comics


Social pacman!! Hahaha OMG! Tell me you didn't laugh out loud!?!? #pacman#atari #video #games #facebook #social #media

This satire is humor and human nature. It's showing us Pac-Man on social media and people who don't "like him" are now following him and seeing what he does so now he's worried.

Social Media Humor. #SocialMedia @Joey McGirr @Christina Linnell {Linnell Media Group}

If Pac-Man was on Social Media today, the word follower would probably freak him out...

Καλημέρα! Να έχετε ένα υπέροχο Σαββατοκύριακο! #Socialnetwork #Pacman

Pac-man just can't get away, not even on social media.

Pac Man in the social network.

Pac Man & Social Media humor. Gotta love it.

A large collection of funny pictures