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arched tunnel

Ivy Arbor

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Lavender under a rose arbor, classic I never tire of...

I use these for an archway over some steps with vines growing on it. They work really well, are sturdy and can really take the wind. Gonna use them this year for my tomatoes in the garden and horizontally for my raspberries, cucumbers, and peas.

Federico Forquet -Cetona Tuscany

Morning glory screen in pots

Found plans for a simple grape arbor that I think would be a fun way to add some shade to our treeless expanse of lawn. And grow grapes.

Grape vine on pergola- idea for my grape vines

9 of the Best Plants for Trellises, Archways and Arbors. These beautiful plants are perfect climbers for your landscape.


The Tages garden: Trellis of cattle fence.

Use chicken wire and plant morning glories or clematis to climb... barb wire trees from Wire Art NZ

to build a wooden arbor/trellis for the climbing plants and massive grape vine

an elegant arbor.

Grape vine arbor - this is what I want for my grapevines. Now I need to find someone to build it for me.

for narrow side yard

Grape vines trained as an umbrella What an idea.

How to build a simple garden fence

Fence in Fido Keeping furry family members safe should be a high priority when you landscape your backyard. Make sure you have a sturdy, escape-proof fence that is tall enough to keep your dog from jumping over. Also, make sure gates can be locked. Never leave your dog unattended for long periods of time. Here, a vinyl, gnaw-proof picket fence keeps Fido confined when needed.