How stinking adorable

Sweet moment

A girls best friend

the bond between a girl and her dog #dogareawesome #puppy #puppies #Ilovedog #iheartdog #animal #dogsareawesome #carolinadog

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so sweet <3

Tell about a time when you shared with someone. | Story starter | Writing Prompt | Photo Writing Prompt | Writing Idea

Best Friends

Her very first doggie friend!

A man's best friend <3

A boy and his dog!

any puddle will do...

I could so see Dixie and Buck doing this.... Labs are the best protectors someone wrote ... Babys Best Friend | Step 1: Get a dog. Step 2: Get pregnant. Step 3: Have said baby. Step 4: Take stinkin cute picture with said dog and said baby.


partners in crime

So sweet!

so sweet

So sweet!

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