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Bavar 2. Bavar 2 (Persian:باور ٢, meaning: Belief 2) is a ground effect vehicle unveiled in September 2010 by the Iranian navy (IRGC). It is designed to have small radar signature, and therefore be difficult to track on radar, to be able to remain undetected while carrying out patrol missions. The boat can be equipped with different kinds of weapons including locally produced rockets and missiles. Dunno, looks flimsy to me

aerodynamic phenomenon known as "ground effect." winged boat - Google Search

12 aeronaves de carga mais fantásticas do mundo

A flarecraft - This is not an airplane. It is a ground effect vehicle. Controlled like an airplance but never goes above ground effect height. It flies on a cusion of air.

The Lun Ekranoplan also known as the Caspian Sea Monster. Designed in the 60s but supposedly never went into service, it would've inserted troops and disrupted shipping with 6 anti-ship missiles.