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I'm thinking... writing activity, "How to blow a bubble"

Our Bubble Bursting Gum Projects These projects turned out to be a fun & creative way to share several of the major standards that we focused on this year. The project incorporated the following: Timeline (The History of Gum) /Facts/Opinions/“How to” Writing (Written by students for parents to follow)/Compare/Contrast (Types of gum)

The First Grade Parade: Celebrating St. Pat’s Day!

The Best Part of Me Writing Activity

The Best Part of Me Writing Activity - This has been a Morris Grove tradition for many years! Love doing it each spring with my kiddos. The book was written by students in Durham, NC.

Hooked on Teaching: nuts about nouns

How to blow a bubble- great writing lesson for how-to's and the use of "popping" words!

Dr Seuss Printables

Dr. Seuss Unit - A Teaching Mommy

Teaching Elaboration in Writing

Teaching elaboration during writing can be done with this engaging activity and idea!

How to blow a bubble writing activity