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FREEBIE!! (7 Behavior Posters in All) The "I Eat My Lunch Classroom Poster" includes a fun chant that focuses on appropriate cafeteria behavior. "I eat my lunch, when I am at school. I'm so very careful to follow each rule. I sit at my table. I stay in my seat. I use a soft voice when I'm talking--I eat! I clean up my trash, even if it's a bunch. This is the way that I eat my lunch." All rights reserved:

First Grade Wow: beginning of year school pledge. Nice unit to go with it focusing on school rules. I love this blog:)

I used this in my classroom this week and the kids loved it!!! Classroom Manners - Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? - Disney Junior Official

from Teachers Pay Teachers

First Day of School Fun

Getting to know you cube and many more activities for the beginning of the school year.

You Get What You Get and You Don't Throw a Fit! - Great to read at the beginning of the year :). So this is where it started!! Love

LOVE this book!!!! So many students I work with forget their vowels. This book helps reinforce the importance of vowels. A fun read!


Back To School Rules Book

Back to School Rules by Laurie Friedman

from Amazon

Spaghetti in A Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage to Be Who You Are

lesson = do the right thing

Teacher and student meme posters are great for going over class rules and procedures. From "Back to School Activities that Inspire Creativity"