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Reindeer doughnuts

Christmas Reindeer Mini Donuts - quick and easy. Mini chocolate donuts, pretzels, m peanuts (I'm sure you could substitute for another red candy if you need peanut-free)

Leprechaun Floats ~ Create these using non-colored soda pop (7-Up, Lemon-Lime, or Sprite) and Lime or Rainbow Sherbert.  You can do this in separate glasses, a pitcher, or if for a party, make it in a punch bowl.

Change for St Patricks Day - Grinch Floats (Green Sherbet Sprite) : December movie night for The Grinch that Stole Christmas!

Snowman donuts!!!!!!

Snowmen Donuts (candy corn noses, mini chocolate chips for eyes and mouth - or frosting). Idea for school party?

"FINALLY tracked down the recipe for this--I HATE it when people just pin pictures.  Bakergirl: Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies."

Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies - People love these! You can buy store made peanut butter cookie mix and Target sells edible eyes :)

Marshmallow Buddies - Reindeer.

A & J Cake and Candy - Seasonal Ideas - Marshmallow Buddies - GIANT Marshmallows Lots of ideas for every holiday, birthday, etc.

Christmas Present Pretzel Treats - sweet & salty snack great for teacher & neighbor gifts StuffedSuitcase.com

Christmas Pretzels: Holiday Treats

And Everything Sweet...rice krispies

Anyone else ready to prepare for the Holidays? These Christmas Rice Krispie treat pops look perfect for all the holiday parties.

Reindeer hot cocoa cones. Cute gift! Put enough cocoa in a disposable pastry bag or a clear cellophane teat bag for 2 cups of cocoa. Top with some mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and some sprinkles. Close with a brown chenille stem and tie into a bow. Glue on googly eyes and a red pom pom nose.

reindeer hot chocolate cones put cocoa in a piping bag, top with some mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, & sprinkles tie into a bow with a pipe cleaner glue on googly eyes & a red pom pom nose

Strawberries for Christmas. What a great idea.

Santa strawberries from Leanne Bakes are a quick and easy Christmas treat. Sweet strawberries are filled with whipped cream and studded with chocolate sprinkles - what could be simpler?This is a great snack to make with your kids around the holiday