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"Light" by Fabio Vittorelli, via 500px. The dark Reminds me of my life without christ and the light reminds me of when he came to save me!

♥ light & darkness so I'll end it with this and maybe you grasp it, maybe not. Nothing in the internet is real, the only thing in here are the projections of self if who you are meeting up with other projections of other self's. Some reactions are good while others are bad, but they are not real in here.

The Atlanticfrom The Atlantic

Historic Photos From the NYC Municipal Archives

Sunlight floods in through windows in the vaulted main room of New York City's Grand Central Terminal, THIS IS ON THE WALL OF MY HOME OFFICE! Illuminating the main concourse, ticket windows and information kiosk. Photo taken ca. 1935-1941

This appeals to my sense of structure and architecture. Lovely light. ~ black and white, object photography, simple.