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Hiding Spider-Man on wedding cakes is apparently becoming a trend

At the bottom of the cake, hide whatever the groom likes... sports mascot, band logo, anything. Because its just as much his day as it is yours....thats so cute

Love the greenery but not this much. I love the bridesmaids dresses, style and color. However, I also love the photo and garland/wreath of flowers. Boho/Earthy. Shields Wedding

My grandma once told me that she in all honesty didn't like her wedding dress. Her friends and relatives helped her pick it out, but she didn't like it all too much. But she said she didn't care, because she was more excited about getting married to the man she loved than worrying about some simple dress. <3 Marriage is more important than the wedding.

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Update: I am not a teenager but found my true love, and everyday feels like this. Looking forward to our future fall wedding. Thanks CC! I'm only a teenager but I definitely plan on having my wedding in November just to catch the seasons moment like in this picture!