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    • Erin Williams

      Vintage stormtrooper #Geek #StarWars

    • Andara Frasier

      "There you are dear. You want to look your best for your big meeting with Lord Vader today." "Honey, I am just a stormtrooper. I will be one in a line of five hundred. He won't even notice me." "He'll notice you. You will stand out in the crowd. You always do." "Yeah, yeah." "At least get Lord Vader's autograph for Janie won't you?" WHO COMES UP WITH THIS STUFF?????

    • Gemmalyn Rabang

      A day in the life of a Storm Trooper: "I wish the empire would invest in armor that wasn't so easily compromised, but when those rebels blew up our first space station, any hopes for upgraded equipment blew up with it. I just want to be able to come home to my wife and daughter every night. I'm thinking about changing my line of work. This job was ok when I was a bachelor with no one else to be responsible for except myself. It was a good time. Blasting rebels, hittin' up cantinas. But now I have a family! I can't risk leaving them them to fend for themselves just because I wasn't looking when some rebel squeezes off a lucky shot. And it isn't like the Emperor will hire her. Seriously, how many women did you see working for the empire in those documentaries? None that I recall. (Although they were edited to cast the rebels in best light possible, I'm still none too sure the Emperor is fond of women. Have you see all of his assistants? Vader's his lastest one, and he's a brute!) And don't get me started about the empire's daycare system! But that is neither here nor there, I suppose. I just need to go to work today, do my best to stay safe and come home to see my bride and baby. That's all I want."

    • Robert Samuels (Crosby)

      Funny Star Wars Fan Art

    • Austin Tucker

      Rockwellian Star Wars. They have families too.

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