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linear equations

Linear equations

Great activity for linear equations

linear equation mapping idea

Linear Equation Posters-LOVE THIS!

Linear Equation Matching Activity

Graphing Linear Equations Line-Up Activity approved by a teacher!

Writing Linear Equations- Line Match Activity! Students write linear equations given different information. They find the students in the room who have their same line and work together to create a graphic organizer. Great collaboration!

Linear Equations and Graphs Card Games and Activities

graph linear equations activity

Purpose of activity This activity is designed to help students with graphing a linear equations (or for writing linear equations from graphs)....

Writing Linear Equations Activities Bundle! The most fun and engaging activities that practice graphing and writing linear equations.

Great activity to introduce systems of linear equations

Free real world math activity comparing cell phone plans. - Create and evaluate linear function models - Solve linear equations - Use quantitative analysis to make a consumer decision

Writing the Equation of a Line Foldable

Students work together to sort functions and non-functions and then explain their reasoning on an answer sheet (not shown). They can then check their work with QR codes.

Linear equations drawing

Linear Equations Review Book and Stations Activity. Instead of a traditional study guide, students complete a study guide as they move through stations.

This activity was designed to help students practice and master CCSS.1.OA.D.7. Students will have to use what they know about the equal sign to determine if the equations are true or false. The equation cards in the set will require students to add 3 numbers, read problems where the sum or difference comes before the equation, use commutative properties, and add and subtract with zero. $

A fun way to celebrate Valentines Day in Algebra class. In this collaborative y=mx+b activity for Valentines Day, students work with slope-intercept graphs and equations on heart-shaped pennants (graphs need equations and equations need graphs). Once a pennant is complete, it can be hung along a string in your classroom to show the world that, "Hey, we know slope-intercept!"

Math Dominoes equations activity