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  • Jessica Levesque

    Cutest disney couple

  • Pam Robertson

    Marriage quote ~ Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be. ♥ Remember when you're planning that wedding to plan your marriage. ♥ Ellie & Carl from the movie, Up, my favorite Disney Pixar movie ♥

  • Shelby VanBibber

    true story bro

  • Cindy Huse

    One of my favorite movies EVER. It may be packaged as a kids movies, but it's all about loss and learning to go on. A lesson very true to my heart.

  • Savannah Barlowe

    True love comes from Disney movies💗💗💗

  • _HCabrera

    Growing Old Together Is Possible ! Just Gotta Stay Attached To The Other. #Up #Disney #Old #Couple #True #Love

  • Erica Adkins

    #favorite #movie #quote #motivation #repin #love

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yes-we have been through so much together, and yet here we are. Him helping me recover from my wreck, getting me back in school and work, and planning a wedding. We've never been stronger.