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Maltese-Chihuahua puppy - I think i just figured out what Bella is...this looks just like her when she was a puppy!

That poor chihuahua has been kidnapped and turned into a blankie!

Chihuahua puppy in the leaves. He looks so much like my Cheech, I miss him.

I want a Chihuahua SOO bad :-( I would do anything to get one!! Please comment if you have one! I want to hear some stories

chihuahua face, you got the cutest little chihuahua face

Girl d'awwing over baby chihuahua - Imgur #dogs #animal #chihuahua

Chihuahua - young ones often are quite fluffy :) and cute - old ones too!

Newfoundlander puppy! Oh my gosh!!!! Can they stay that size?

babies! I used to have two stuffed animals that looked JUST like them!! :( I was so attached I wouldn't let anyone touch them! LOL!