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im really LOL!

Hey I just bit you, because I'm crazy, so call the doctor, because you have rabies.and i soo love this song!

Grumpy Cat Meme -- Christmas funny

Grumpy cat frowns on your shenanigans. Grumpy cat is not impressed. I wonder if grumpy cat is an engineer. I did find some Grumpy Cat gifs: Grumpy Cat say \

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i miss kansas - i miss the rains down in Africa - Wizard of Oz - Dorothy and Toto ----just to add onto this, it's i BLESS the rains down in Africa-----

i heard some hipsters drowned they must have fell into the m - Lame Pun Coon

Funny pictures about Lame Pun Coon on Waldo. Oh, and cool pics about Lame Pun Coon on Waldo. Also, Lame Pun Coon on Waldo.

Hahaha this just made me feel better about some of the dumb shit I do!

If you ever feel dumb, sloth, branch, tree. Karen Thatcher I am laughing and crying. Sloths are one of my top three sad animals

Animal Humor-Hawkwardd~

Funny pictures about Punny Animal Kingdom. Oh, and cool pics about Punny Animal Kingdom. Also, Punny Animal Kingdom photos.

I Love Funny Animal - Sweet Funny Animal Photo of the Day: 30 funny animal captions - part 2 (30 pics)

No Sir, I do not like to move it, move it. Someone please tell me what is this animal. Thank you, so this is a Lemur.

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"...wait where they at?!!?!

i thought my milkshakes would bring all the boys to the yard.

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups Having a bad day? Watch this! Sooooo funny!

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups Need cheering up? Watch this stuff, I was in tears laughing so hard, I love it when the cast can't hold it together!