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No better way to 'watch' a story unfold than in your mimd... You can picture it as you read it... Not how someone else thinks it should look

Clear your mind

by | christopher poindexter

Budi kao ruza...Mesa Selimovic


Mesa selimovic

So true.

Mesa Selimovic's quote

Mesa Selimovic

Read with kids about destinations before the trip! It improves comprehension and reading skills and helps make the trip memorable. Visit www.theeducationa... for tips on traveling with the kids.


{ sagittarius } THIS IS SO ME!!!!!!


God this is SO true! Only my wife has understood this. That's how I know she's the one.

Yes. It's true. I only sacrifice myself for 1. a good cause 2. people I truly love.


"Run like hell my dear, from anyone likely to put a sharp knife into your sacred, tender vision of your beautiful heart" -Hafiz

so true