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In a strawberry jar, insert the plants from inside, carefully protecting the stems and leaves of the plants. Green onions too. Kitchen window

from Gardening Know How

Fig Cold Protection – Tips For Winterizing A Fig Tree

Fig Tree Care In Winter – Fig Tree Winter Protection And Storage

Start seedlings in an egg shell and, when ready, plant the entire thing. The egg shells will naturally compost providing valuable nutrients to your plants.

from The Family Handyman

Stop Invasive Plants From Taking Over Your Garden

Cut the bottom off a plastic pot to contain invasive plants & bury in the ground. I have been doing this for a few years & works great for containing plants that tend to spread, but that I still want to plant in the garden. This also works good for planting a plant in an area that tends to get filled with roots etc. from other plants. I will use a larger pot so that the plant can spread it's roots and grow deeper roots, but keeps other tree roots from choking out the one I planted.

from The Homestead Garden

Fall Gardening Planting Guide

Learn what to plant in the fall for your #garden!

How to plant a Butterfly Garden.

How to plant a Butterfly Garden.