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New York subway car. This is one of the past models, note the circular black fan from the day before air conditioned car. It use to be brutal, the only hope you had of feeling mildly cool during rush hour when the cars were pack like sardines was to stand right under the fan to catch the breeze.

My future in a nutshell maybe? Please, god? ^.^ #art #nyc #hopeful

New York print (special price) on Etsy, $16.67 AUD

New York City Neighborhoods typography graphic Canvas Art horizontal graphic mixed media collage 12 x 36 x 1.5

If lotto is involved, I will NEVER come anywhere NY ever again. What a nightmare to have to live in this state. Like communist China. I'd even pay to get my family out.

The five Boroughs of NYC. Look how small Manhattan is in comparison to Brooklyn and Queens. Yet most of the famous sights are on that little island!

NEW YORK, NEW YORK! I love the look of typography! It has such a wonderful esthetic appeal. This print depicts some of New York City's most famous landmarks. And it always reminds me of how much I love this great city!

pearl s. buck - first woman to win a pulitzer... the good earth - a must read.

i love new york. ! I already shaved off 27 pounds. I am sure this will help you loose weight. 0bKkw.weight2122....

Already have a Chrysler Building print but I LOVE it so much. Great pics from this Etsy seller, Loose Petals.

Haven't been yet, but I can imagine I will want to know where this "pin" is when I go!