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This statement is definitely untrue yes you can you close yourself off so you no longer feel anything because you're tired of being lied to tired of being hurt and taken for granted tired of crying tired of all the hurt and pain so shut down

I spent many years trying to act "right" and now I am me and I don't keep people in my life who don't like me because I show my emotions and speak my mind. That's okay, I am making room for those to come around who not only like me for me they get me! Some might take longer than others to find the right people but it is all worth it when you do.

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Inspirational Quotes for Girl Bosses (part 2

Are you a girl boss in need of some inspiration? Take a look at this round-up of Inspirational Quotes for the Girl Bosses, part 2! Girl Boss Quotes#girlboss

And screw the rest! We r not all the same and our opinions aren't either so if u realize u have half ass friends because they cant handle a little variety and need everyone to be a robot or they will talk trash on u-- then tell them to go fuck themselves!