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    Best time to plant a garden in TN

    When to Sow your Seeds - Handy Printable Chart - Garden Ideas

    When, How and Where to start seeds. That time will be here before you know it!

    want a garden this summer? now is the time to build it and get ready to plant in the spring! just planted strawberries for summer. yahoo!

    Fall Garden Checklist: 10 Things to do this time of year!

    12 Fastest Vegetables To Grow In Your Home Gardens Or Containers For First-time | Homestead Survivalist

    Time to throw away those flimsy wire tomato cages and make some of these beautiful sturdy ones!

    Rooting hydrangea cuttings, I love hydrangeas. Time to start propagating the massive one in back!.

    When is the perfect time to harvest potatoes in the garden? The answer is in the visual changes that the plants go through during the growing process.

    40 Gardening Tips to Maximize Your Harvest Save time and money while growing even more great-tasting organic food.

    Vegetable gardening planting times.

    The next time you boil a dozen eggs, save the water and pour it on your garden and plants.  The water becomes enriched with calcium when the eggs are cooked.  Plus, why pour water down the sink when you can reuse it for something, right?

    How to "Deep Water" Tomato Plants. Great time and water saver!!! Also has a list of uses for essential oils.

    Fall is the time to improve your soil for next year's crop. Use these 10 tips now to improve your soil for spring planting. Super easy, but you need to do them now for the best benefits.

    Starting from Scratch: Vertical Gardening -As a general rule, it would take 13 to 18 times more ground space to plant the same amount in a horizontal garden as you can in a vertical garden.

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    The Black bat flower, Tacca chantrieri, is a species of flowering plant in the yam family Dioscoreaceae. Tacca chantrieri is an unusual species in that it has black flowers. These flowers are somewhat bat-shaped, are up to 12 inches across, and have long 'whiskers' that can grow up to 28 inches.


    Garden ideas

    Shade container plants // Great Gardens Ideas //

    Using comfrey as fertilizer. From the blog post "It's full of potassium (3 times that the amount in organic manure), an essential for veggies and other plants to grow and fruit to their full potential. Comfrey is also high in calcium, nitrogen, phosphorous, & potash. The perfect mix for fertilizing your garden organically! "