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When to Plant a Garden in East Tennessee

by Carrie Terry
Vegetable gardens produce bright foliage, blooms and bountiful harvests from spring through summer, but only when they get the right planting and care. The first steps in that care include site, soil preparation and timing. Eastern Tennessee is in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zone 7; the...
  • Kayla Grueneich

    Tomato plants

  • F Kane

    Vegetable Garden Planning for Beginners: Advice on plot size, which vegetables to grow, & other tips. Remember this: It's better to be proud of a small garden than to be frustrated by a big one! {Amen! :-) } | The Old Farmer's Almanac.

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Borage- I keep meaning to plant this again, and I keep forgetting. I don't know why. I loved this little flower in my TN garden.

The benefit of using organic fertilizers is that the plant can only uptake the nutrients it can use at the current time and no more.

When is the perfect time to harvest potatoes in the garden? The answer is in the visual changes that the plants go through during the growing process.

A great chart on Vegetable gardening planting times, from Easy Vegetable Gardening

If you are in Zone 6a or 6b, this year-round vegetable planting calendar is for you! Don't worry if you are not in Zone 6, click on the link to pull up your planting zone... Happy Gardening :-)

Persian shield - can be grown outside as an annual or, as an indoor houseplant, it will bloom in winter. Beautiful!!

I already to start planning my spring garden. This will be a nice way to start plants.

plant a peach tree from pit: remove flesh and dry 3-4 days, crack pit open and remove seed, place in ziptop bag 1/2 closed until ready to start, add 1 inch water-seal and place back in frig 2-3 hrs, add soil until moist-seal-back in frig(30-40degrees F) for 5-6 weeks, remove to planter when seedling appears