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Everyone wants look perfect & beautiful, so all use makeup cosmetics. But they are not aware with one truth that Makeup Contains Cancer Causes Ingredients.


Disney animated titan 'Frozen' has a sequel in development, according to star Idina Menzel.

Most Common and Popular #CosmeticSurgeries #EliteVeinCenters

Most Common and Popular #CosmeticSurgeries #EliteVeinCenters

The new Korean beauty trend you HAVE to try

You're Going To Want To Try This New Korean Beauty Trend

Masters in the art of cute, a lot of Korean girls have been sporting the gradient or just-sucked-on-a-cherry-lollipop lip for some time now. It’s like a soft bloom of color from the center of the mouth, which helps emphasize the eyes as a bonus.

Halloween2.png (736×736)

Deer halloween makeup and costume - By Somilk Doe/deer look for Halloween by jami

Top 10 Korean actresses according to the fans

Top 10 Korean actresses according to the fans

Self-described “Bald headed Bearded b*tch who wears makeup” Tim O takes his inspiration from snacks. Specifically, the color combinations on chip bags and soon, even beer cans!

Instagrammer Perfectly Matches Makeup To His Snacks

Meet Your New Hero: A Makeup Artist Who Creates Snack-Inspired Looks

Amazingly easy sugar or salt scrub to give you incredibly soft skin thewifeslife.com

26 Seconds is all it takes for the chemicals in your skin care and body care products to enter for bloodstream. Norwex body care range contain no nasty chemicals that are found in most other common body products.

3 Cleaning Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

3 Cleaning Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making [Updated]