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1980s VW Quantum Sedan. Odd 5 cylinder engine from Audi. Squirrely front-wheel drive handling. Serviceable.

yellow vw beetle side mirror #VW #Volkswagen #Beetle #Bug #Rvinyl Like What You See? Visit Us: http://www.rvinyl.com/Volkswagen-Accessories.html

Sweet Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. My buddy Rich H had a baby blue Ghia with a surf rack on top. Awesome little car. Bumper brackets always sagged and made them frown a bit - just adds to the character #ferrari vs lamborghini #luxury sports cars #customized cars| http://sportcarcollections.blogspot.com

Playing "Slug Bug" or "punch buggy" whenever we saw a Volkswagen Beetle Bug on long road trips

Traveling the world in a canary yellow vw bug

Okay, so this is one of my dream cars.... Green is okay, red would be best. I've got a Black VW Bug.

VW Beetle

Very clean vintage volkswagen bug. #vw #volkswagen

My first car was a cherry red Beetle 1968 #VW #Volkswagen #Beetle #Bug #Rvinyl Like What You See? Visit Us: http://www.rvinyl.com/Volkswagen-Accessories.html

lacy beetle | Jim's German Auto | 337 E Harrison St Corona, CA 92879 | (951) 737-2772 | jimsgermanauto.com #JimsGermanAuto #Cars #Brands #CarMaintenance

DREAM CAR! I am SO close to achieving my dream of having a classic VW Beetle. When I do, I am going to have it painted PINK. ♡♡♡

VW beetles

beetle VW

VW Bug art car advertisement. "Most VW parts are interchangeable from one year to the next. That's why parts are so easy to get."

Volksy, The Little Yellow Car, vintage children's picture book. Rand McNaly Elf Book. This is perfect in so many ways ....

I had two baby blue VW Beetle convertibles----one (my first car) was a 1964 model and the other, years later, was a 1979. I LOVE convertibles.

#VW bug

German Car Ad - 1939

Vw interior

Vintage white VW bug loaded up for a road trip -- Looks just like the one my parents had as young parents.

Reminds me of my first car - a karman ghia that had a much better paint job than this one. LOVE this pic...and the license plate.