I want to be snuggled up with these guys

KITTEH WISDOM: " Deh nurse who kin smile when things go wrong, iz probably gettin' off duty."

A completely cute ginger kitty with the best curious expression. Beautiful cat. I'll take her!

Lion doing garden-work, which consists of gazing over it. (by Fishermang on deviantART)

No one can resist the head tilt. This looks like a young version of our former cat, Bogie. She lived to be 22! RIP sweetie.

.....wish I was right beside this kitty because I know I could hear some good kitty purring.....so sweet~

Cats are so photogenic! (After having tried to find a GOOD photo of a sheep in snow for half an hour... sheep are NOT photogenic.)

These are hilarious combinations of great art and an orange tabby. Check it out!

Big, fluffy orange cats are my favorite. I have one just like this little guy and I love him to death. Orange cats have very special, loving and funny personalities. They are truly unique and can convert even die-hard cat haters into cat lovers.

Orange Cats

Funny Animals. Awwww, you're not bad luck, don't listen to them! Orange cats really are this sweet with their loved ones...

If I can't see the light from the sun, it's still night time. Sooooo, let me sleep!

"Cats always know whether people like or dislike them. They do not always care enough to do anything about it." --Winifred Carriere

No garden is complete without an orange cat...or two.

Orange tabby cat from above - This image can be purchased at <a href="http://www.stocksy.com/790786">Stocksy</a>

Hi, I'm Goldenwind, I was killed by twoleg poison. I lived in WhispClan. Ask me about my life.(Female)

Cute kitty in our favorite color! #Orange

So much like Tabby as a kitten, from crossed paws to fitting in my hand. She was fluffier though.

Hi hi !!!!

The only cat I'd ever want is an orange one, and preferably one that would stay this little forever. This is adorable.