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I can't think of many things more attractive than a beautiful person whose beauty isn't what actually attracts you. -- true!

This is so true. The world today makes me VERY pissed off cuz they criticize people about their looks when really, it's what's on the inside that shows who they really are. If they are a good person or not. If they are kind, then they are kind. If they are ignorant, then they are ignorant. It's how the world goes around but only a few people understand that. Please people, try to understand others cuz u don't always know what they've been through..

a friend posted this for a classroom sign idea. love it. I also just love this truth. Isn't it funny how we all 'preach' at eachother on facebook and pinterest now with all these signs? ;) Go ahead and preach, I guess. ... ...Everyone is doing it ;) ha!

Dobradorfrom Dobrador

Feelings are like waves


this is so true. when i see it in others i love it, i admire it, i revel in it. it is more beautiful to me than any smile, more alluring than any curves, more sexy than any physical trait could ever be. still, i have such a hard time being comfortable in my own perfect imperfection. sigh... things to work on.