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21 Jumpstreet

21 jumpstreet, I already pinned this before but not as a gif, so it is brand new!

Pitch Perfect Bloopers! Thank you, Pinterest, for sending me this beautiful, beautiful pin.♥

pin now watch later: Pitch Perfect Bloopers! this is the funniest thing ever.

This was my answer to julie when she asked who she'd sit with at lunch and can you sit wherever u want. Lol

Why University of Oregon Is The Best: 33 Things Only We Ducks Can Understand

According to Mean Girls, which table did you sit at in high school? the greatest people you will ever meet, duh.

At first I did not know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book.  Hahahaha! This part gets me every time. Shes hilarious!

10 Bridesmaids quotes that just GET IT

a very sad, handwritten book-- i know its not fat amy but its still Rebel Wilson!

Bad choices for pets.

Whose Line is It Anyway - Drew - "Bad choices for pets. Brad - "Here, velociraptor!

#21jumpstreet #sofunny

I think this made me laugh for like 20 minutes straight.

Ill have a Diet Coke. Hahaha!!

Sheldon Cooper asks for a Virgin Cuba Libre. Make it diet-The Big Bang Theory