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How I go up the stairs when I am alone. I thought I was just weird doing this but turns out I am not alone lol. An amusing picture about climbing stairs like a monkey.

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Funny pictures about They'll never have a girlfriend. Oh, and cool pics about They'll never have a girlfriend. Also, They'll never have a girlfriend photos.

every time.

I never get tired of this joke

I never get tired of this joke.why is this so true- especially with my siblings

bahahah its sad because thats legit what i do...

Happens every night

This is me. I did this all the time as a kid! And still do if I've seen a scary movie recently

Percy realizing something's a Greek Monster. xD

To be Confident, Experience Max Workouts!

That battery low feeling - Funny Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies expressing that familiar feeling when your battery power is low and you need to plug in your computer.

 Maybe it's just cuz I had a terrible day but this seriously just made me cry with laughter

This is what happens when my hair is messy in the morning. I am MULAN.

Once? Are you kidding me? How about every time we go swimming lol

:) more like every time we go to the pool and i have a noodle. It's not summer without a pool noodle :)

I love twilight but this is hilarious and so true! Lol

The Ultimate Twilight Pie Chart

So true! Funny

Funny pictures about Hours of sleep. Oh, and cool pics about Hours of sleep. Also, Hours of sleep photos.


I only have to spend all my stock of laughs.

Before you play ‘let’s be serious’…lmfao every time