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Hands down, the longest lasting laquer I've ever tried. The colors are pretty amazing too. #Sephora #SephoraItLists —Michaela S., Business Development Intern


Butter London – Artful Dodger // Un joli bleu ciel et des stickers Moustaches !



Angela J., Product Development Intern. My picks at #Sephora #SephoraItLists


This liner is so creamy it makes application a piece of cake. #Sephora #SephoraItLists —Michaela S., Business Development Intern

Miss Dior's bottle is too cute for words—and the scent makes me feel sexy and confident. #Sephora #SephoraItLists —Michaela S., Business Development Intern

Made with real gold flakes, this is pure glam. It makes me feel like a million bucks. #Sephora #SephoraItLists —Michaela S., Business Development Intern

The Naked palette covers all the bases—primer, brush, matte, shimmer. I love the earth tones! #Sephora #SephoraItLists —Michaela S., Business Development Intern

I have this in a full-size and the rollerball because I can't bear to be without it when I travel (and no one wants to be the only one in the group who checked her luggage). It's light, fresh and chic. #Sephora #SephoraItLists —Angela J., Product Development Intern

I love this for a subtle boost to your lashes that looks natural (and never clumpy!) #Sephora #SephoraItLists —Chloe G., Beauty Insider Intern


Light enough to produce a natural look, yet still provides me sufficient all-over coverage. #Sephora #SephoraItLists —May L., Beauty Insider Intern

Just a light swirl of this dusted on my checks creates the perfect blush. #Sephora #SephoraItLists —May L., Beauty Insider Intern