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I'll get that bitch a library! Bitches LOVE libraries!

Whatever bitches

Beauty and the Beast is my fav. Disney movie. Probably because my middle name is Belle

You go girl, run that speak easy of a library.

BOOK LOVER. I rather have the feel of the book & the feel of actually turning the pages than just have a small electronic in my hand.. I'm one of those people that always has her phone & other electronics in her hand but when it comes to reading books I want it to be the actual book not a tablet/ereader..

Just talk to her if she is a fan girl she will most definitely love you.

If you love books, these places will blow your mind

My dream! The Beauty and the Beast library come to fruition! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This is what I picture my future book store to look like. if only!!

This is the first Harry Potter/Avatar mashup I have ever seen, and it's fantastic! I want more now!!

The library is like my long lost summer love, once I realized you could read for free (and my books shelves were full).

Reading leads to questions

So much win

I love this cat, haha.

This made me laugh so hard

I can't.. Lol!

this was too funny

The Best Of Expectations vs Reality - 28 Pics

Everyone respect this man and remember his name.


Oh, Ellen. Lol.