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I'll get that bitch a library! Bitches LOVE libraries!

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Kate @ Ex Libris on

It's my goal in life to have that library. I don't need the castle but I need the library!

You go girl, run that speak easy of a library.

nothing nothing ever will compare to choosing, then touching, opening a real book EVER! the way it smells the feel of a new book - it is an experience, a joy , an event even that a machine just cannot replace!

Just talk to her if she is a fan girl she will most definitely love you.

most wonderful libraries in the world

If you love books, these places will blow your mind…

most wonderful libraries in the world

My dream! The Beauty and the Beast library come to fruition! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This is what I picture my future book store to look like. if only!!

This is the first Harry Potter/Avatar mashup I have ever seen, and it's fantastic! I want more now!!