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  • Hannah Goin

    SO true. #library #books

  • Michelle Marsonette

    Not that funny but I like it because: it's disney, acknowledges the sexism of beauty and the beast, is a meme reference, and because yes, i would like a library.

  • Ashten Goeckel

    True story :) bhahahaha Beauty & the Beast #disney

  • Crystal Hoshor

    Beauty and the Beast. So, so funny.

  • Elizabella Lemoncella ॐ

    Beauty and the Beast... Disney "Bitches love libraries"...and this is why Beast won the heart of Belle....Gaston tossed Belle's book into a mud puddle...sigh

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Kids these days are so into electronics. My little friend is in like, second grade and has an iPod touch and a phone. I had no idea iPod touches existed in second grade!! It's ridiculous!

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Oh my that is so funny and So true!! just WRong to eat a kit kat like that! Don't you watch the commercial!? LOL

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This is an amazing video. The other one's where his friend Alex reads the rest of the book are pretty much priceless...

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