loling in starbucks with the guy next to me awkwardly looking over to see what the hell is going on

I KNOW that's happens ALL THE TIME! "hello, is anyone there?" its as bad as when the teen girl goes in the closet. THEY'LL CORNER YOU IDIOT!!!

Ducky mad at me for defending N laughable sHiT countless times he tell me you both don't want me around in his own way glad he plays DUCKY walls today like can't believe that slit is already dating other cat must have talked her into it

I don't pin memes very often but this one is awesome @wlockwoo @cmcdermo reminds me of CRMC nursery babies

This meme shows the object permanence which is, the understanding that objects east even when they cannot be seen or touched. Object permanence is critical for children to learn and understand in their development. Found in chapter

I've felt that pain

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