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Preschool Map Project -- Combine art, literacy, and the block area with this mapping project. Children can build and document their ideas promoting play planning, oral language, fine motor skills, and visual discrimination. Add scraps of paper, writing tools, and various adhesives to promote the identification of buildings in the block area as well. {Construction, City and Country}

Color the tips of 4 toothpicks the same color using the markers. Make a set for each player. Someone who is not playing should place the toothpicks colored side down into each pony bead. Or put them in and spin the hedgehog around several times. Every player chooses a color to find. Remove a toothpick. If it is your color keep the toothpick. If it is not your color, put in back into the hedgehog. The first player to find all four of their toothpick color is the winner!