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‘Open Science’ Challenges Journal Tradition With Web Collaboration

“Years ago people wouldn’t believe in sharing on Facebook.” Maybe it’s time for scientists to move on?

Poverty isn't going away anytime soon, but if what's happening at #Baylor University is any indication of what's possible, it may be sooner than you think. (click to read story)

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The Calgary Humane Society Made A Ridiculous Ad For "Pre-Owned Cats"

Slingshots of the Oceanic | There are many ways of travelling from one point to another over great, even extraordinary distances. There is also a way of...


German Forest Ranger Finds That Trees Have Social Networks, Too

Peter Wohlleben, a career ranger, has topped best-seller lists with “The Hidden Life of Trees,” describing trees as social beings that communicate on the “Wood Wide Web.”

This video, a minute and a half long, is a small miracle of visual storytelling about a man and his dog. It’s also an advertisement for a good cause. I’d rather not spoil it for you by saying more, and it’s a minute and a half you won’t mind giving up. Or you might. But then, I cry at small things. — John Schwartz, Science Reporter