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Shades of white photo, spindly branch rises from fog, reflection, clouds, mountain, water. Paradise in the Fog - Sun-Moon Lake, Taiwan

"Lacertine Forest" by on @deviantART #lacertine #forest #black #dark #night #fright #scary #trees #branches #magic #place

~~Lady Luck and the Magic Moment | sun lights up a tree in the perfect moment, Tasmania, Australia by Mel Sinclair~~

Moody: This picture is definitely a moody picture, because you can see the mood of the photograph from the way the fog is giving a light. The mood in this specific image is calm and a little scary. Other elements in this photo are, triangular balance and fast shutter speed.

This reflection is a good way to demonstrate balance because as we can see, the reflection is a mirror image of the landscape. As a result, both sides are identical and equal, making the weight of the page equal and balanced.

"Black & White" tree reflection - this is a compilation of many of the things I & white photos, trees, and water

Daybreak on a cold winter morning... So pretty! #Travel #Places #Photography #Landscape #Art

Beautiful photograph of a forest, the sun shining through the trees and the way the photo was taken is amazing.