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How to Clean Mold From a Wicker Moses Basket

by /Contributor/Chris_deziel/
As a parent, keeping your infant comfortable is of prime concern, and your little one will stay warm and cozy in a Moses basket. This type of wicker basket -- named after the basket in which Moses was found floating in Nile, according to the Old Testament -- is easy to carry and can be luxuriously o...

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  • Mary Pate

    Wicker baskets can be delicate, and you can’t get them very wet or they can get warped. So the best way to remove dust from them is with a feather duster or a clean, dry natural bristle paintbrush. You can also try to use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. If it needs a deeper clean use a damp white cotton cloth and blot the areas needing to be cleaned. Let air dry completely after cleaning.

  • Sally Prater

    I also use a small air pump that came with my air mattress. It has a small attachment and blows all the dust out of the little cracks. works like a charm and never even touches the wicker.

How to clean wicker baskets

  • Renate Roth

    I think spraying them with Pam is just adding grease to them allowing them to collect more dust. Another pinner suggested using Murphy's Oil Soap. I think I will try that instead.

  • Lauren Kate

    I have used Pam, just a smidgen though. But you're right. I think MOS would be better! :)

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