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Kullaj ( Fteer ) This Palestinian dessert is similar to baklava, except it is served hot, and can be stuffed with sweet cheese instead of nuts. It is one of the two top desserts first created in the city of Nablus in Palestine. Other versions, known as fteer, come in bite-sizes like baklava, and could be stuffed with cream.

SHAABIYAT KACHA ~~~ this traditional dessert is made of a puff pastry fold filled with cream rose water filling, drizzled in sugar syrup, and sprinkled with pistachio. [Lebanon] [ishitaunblogged]

Lebanese Date Pastries

Ingredients makes about 18 pastries For the dough: unsalted butter ♦ fine semolina ♦ tsp salt ♦ caster sugar ♦ drops almond extract, or tsp ground mahlab ♦ each orange blossom and rose water ♦ 1 tsp fast-action yeast For the date filling: pit...

Maamoul Mad Bil Ashta....A specialty that has clotted cream (ashta) incased in a semolina-butter cake, flavored with orange blossom water image 1

Lebanese Semolina Pudding (Layali Lubnan)

A very popular dessert throughout the Middle East, this Lebanese Semolina Pudding (Layali Lubnan) includes sweet-tart cranberries, thick coconut cream, ground pistachios, and a floral-scented syrup. This vegan recipe can be whipped up quickly, then it chills in the fridge until you are ready to dig in.