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"It’s more than 'progressive Christian Woodstock' — it’s evidence of a great awakening."

A lista de músicas de Prism foi divulgada pela revista Billboard, que já ouviu o disco e revelou o nome de 12 das 13 faixas. Prism também vai ganhar uma edição especial, trazendo 16 músicas. Veja a lista: Roar Legendary Lovers Birthday Walking On Air Unconditionally Dark Horse This Is How We Do International Smile Ghost Love Me Double Rainbow By The Grace Of God

[Fitness, Health and Happiness]: Guest Post || 52 Week Project Self-Portrait Challenge

from The Holy Kiss

The Holy “Huh!”

..I used to be more easily triggered by things, more reactive, and generally more anxious and frustrated. Things have been shifting for me though. I'm now more unflappable, more intentionally active on my own terms, and generally more calm and reasonably content.

Conservative Christians Choose Not To Pick This One...In fact they only pick the bible parts where they get to hate somebody, which fits right in with their true nature !!!

from David R. Henson

On Our Behalf: Reclaiming Repentance As a Progressive Christian

BLOG POST: Ever Change Your Mind? (click the pic)

Adoption and Hospitality Should Replace "Evangelism" | Yaholo Hoyt | Red Letter Christians


For the Bible Tells Me So?

For the Bible Tells Me So? 'In the end though, it is about power—either empowering people by including them in asking questions and establishing authority or establishing power over them by telling them what "the answers" are and excluding them from the process.'