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Marc Swanson. I cannot express the emotion the first time I saw this piece at the walker. I did not want to walk away from it, much less put it over a rhinestone metallic mantle of a fireplace. I can simply say I love it because A. it's an animal and B. It is covered in rhinestones.

sophisticated choice of detail. love the repeat of yellow lampshades and face peeking from cushion

I could actually live with a rack painted black like this. Ha! That'll never happen with Steve in the house.

Skull Pendant Light, perfect for that nursery you're decorating!

Perfect Nerd Gift! For the lover of literature, these metal bookmarks are customized with a choice of text.

Submerging Islands glasses! i love these!!!!

Better known as gimmicks, promo material like this iPod Hoodie have a memorable impression with people. iPod Hoodie. Recommended by - your personal graphic designer offering helpful design ideas and advice.

500 pencil display case - my craftiness is way into this, but my OCD means that I would spend hours deliberating whether a particular pencil was infinitesimally bluer than the one next to it, and thus should be closer to the blues than it is.