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  • E Vicis

    Old school social media posters

  • Coffeepot Digital

    "Vintage" Ads for modern day sites: #SocialMedia #CoffeepotDigital

  • Andrea Costa

    Imagine our social networks had been created in the 50’s… Well I suppose if that was the case and the internet existed in the 50’s my nan wouldn’t think my ipad is a chopping board and wouldn’t jump to go and open her door every time I receive a text… BUT I do like the idea and the style of those vintage ads which were created by Rodolfo Sampaio and Marco Martins of Brazil’s Moma Propaganda agency for the MaxiMidia Seminars, with the tagline ‘Everything Moves Fast. Update’.

  • Jason Mahakian

    Retro ads for Social Media Outlets

  • Brook Bower

    Vintage posters for Social Media

  • Kayol Hope

    Current popular social media websites set to vintage style print media poster ads.

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Just wonder...what it would have been like if Facebook had been around in the Swinging Sixties? If Arab Summer were applied to the Women's Liberation Movement...where would we be today? I'm just saying... #catherineclinch

Vintage Facebook

Vintage poster - Toothbrush - Toothpaste - Teeth - Dentist

vintage social networking ads by 6b studio

Anuncios vintage de las redes sociales (Facebook)

Bile beans? What are they? What do they do? Oh, right, advertisers didn't have to provide any of that information in the good old days. Great art! Pinned by Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc. www.clickandcombu...

  • Dorian Fletcher

    ??? Was it like today's Beano - or perhaps, Prilosec? Inquiring minds....

Tussy, make-up and perfume ad *Good Housekeeping Mag. 1951

History of online social networking since1971. (Okay, the 1971 entry is stretching it a bit.)

Sick ad-Women are beautiful but DUMB AND SMELL BAD , good for one thing, their bodies. Ad for Deodorant

  • Bethenia Dixon

    It doesn't say "Women", it says "She" meaning this one girl. Also, it mentions nothing which alludes to women being "good for one thing, their bodies." I see nothing "sick" about this ad. There are some dumb women in the world and there are some smelly women in the world. People do need deodorant...

  • Tomas Luczak

    good comment Bethenia

  • Hannah Myers

    Haha feminists always think everyone is out to get women.

  • Tomas Luczak

    you girls are awesome holy shit

Vintage package for J.English & Co. needles ~ print out in miniature and slip into sewing basket | Source: D Berry @ Flickr

I don't know, she looks ok to me. (this is ridiculous! these ads really happened!)

  • Cassandra St James

    Probably ads in stupid men's mag.

  • Rhetta's books

    It really wasn't ridiculous. Soldiers in both works wars were contracting syphilis from prostitutes. That is why the government provided these ads. It has nothing to do with chauvinism.

  • Lynda

    Don't forget, those guys would come home and infect their wives or girlfriends. It was in everyone's best interest to hold down the spread of STDs.

  • Cassandra St James

    I don't think the ads are stupid. Men that do that sort of thing is stupid. Now they bring hiv & aids to wives and girlfriends. In my opinion it is stupid to take the chance. :)