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Teacup Pig Pets: Pint-Sized Royal Dandies Capture Hearts of Animal Lovers

teacup pig

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

The moose whisperer: How an animal lover became friends with Jack the giant... just don't mention her boyfriend!

An animal love story! ♥ Giant Jack the moose stands six feet tall, weighs almost 1,000 lbs and is very protective of his tiny best friend Vanessa Gibson. The 23-year-old has nurtured Jack since he was three days old and the enormous moose is fiercely protective of her. Playing tag and run, and taking walks around the beautiful grounds of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre in Portage,

Awesome Horse Power ;) Horse Logging is less Damaging to the fragile wooded acreage, & helps preserve the rare Heavy Horse Breeds. They are Bred to Work & Love it ;)

For God knew in His great wisdom That he couldn't be everywhere, So he put His little Children In a loving mother's care. -Helen Steiner Rice, A Mother's Love

Trekpaarden Draft Horses Chevaux de Trait descendants of Dutch or Belgian draft...... beautiful.....pure power! What Beautiful handsome animals!!