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  • Sophie Calver

    True favourite addiction is to my husband. Poor bugger God only knows what he did in a previous life that was so bad he ended up paired with me in this one. By the way this is not a photo of me and my beloved, I just liked it.


    funny pictures and videos of the day

  • Maryann

    +~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ Bernice and Nick Riley and their sweet, interesting story...

  • Relyn Lawson

    old people in love make me so hopeful and happy

  • Jaira Bivens

    God gave us cute old couples to encourage young couples that true love does exist and that divorce is not always the answer. They say that a relationship that lasts about 7 years, usually will last a life time. God can help you through whatever problem, just have faith.

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Are you worth being loyal to? Are you willing to sacrifice above and beyond?

Avete mai provato a incontrare un compagno di classe che ricordavate bellissimo, trovarlo "diverso" e soprattutto non avere argomenti di conversazione? (Noi due come un romanzo)

Treat our senior right. They fighter harder than anyone of us to continue this battle call LIFE.

“How did you manage to stay together for 65 years?” She replied, “We were born in a time when if something was broken you’d fix it, not throw it away.”

old people in love is something we see frequently now. But that those old people fell in love when it wasn't okay to just leave each other when things got hard. If it's broken they fix it. I fear that in 50 years we won't see old people in love like this who have been together forever.

never fall out of love- just fall more in love. I want a picture of each of our parents wedding to display at ours.

This is what we'll be using in LA pretty soon, since plastic bags are out. I can just see me walking into Stater Bros with this on my back!

"When I'm 87 you'll be 89, I'll still look at you like the stars that shine in the sky."

Love never ceases between two people who were truly in love to start with. True love is eternal! Aline ♥ ♥

love old couples that are still in love. i hope im one of them one day

I’ll help you climb stairs, if you just can’t walk. I’ll be your safety and you’ll be my love.

long life - many memories, much expereince, a lot to contribute; if we included old people into society more, we would all gain so much