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"Le cattive ragazze scelgono l'uomo giusto" di Fiona Neill - Tutti hanno qualcosa da nascondere... E se la vita di Ali Sparrow, una giovane e squattrinata studentessa, stesse per cambiare? «Un Grande freddo in chiave romantica in cui l’autrice descrive con ironia le dinamiche sentimentali.»

Lacrime nella pioggia...! Piove e mi bagno ma a volte la vita non concede riparo.

"There's one did laugh in's sleep, and one cried, 'Murder!', that they did wake each other, I stood, and heard them, but they did say their prayers and addressed them again to sleep" (2.2.24-28). In this scene, Macbeth is hallucinating from the paranoia that he will be caught killing Duncan. I chose this picture because, to me, it represented sleepwalking as well as had an air of detachment about it that reminded me of Macbeth's hallucinations.

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Romantic Umbrellas Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Stanislav Sidorov

Romantic Umbrellas - Stanislav Sidorov

The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia Was originally opened in the 1900s for medical students to come and see in person ;extremely rare conditions, and the effects of diseases that had been cured or eradicated. It still stands today as the best place for medical students to get " hands on" experience . As well as a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike.I WILL go here on day.